ESSENCORE presented company introduction video with 5 languages for the customer

アップデート 13th March, 2018
The video was taken in memory of winning an award in "The Best Brand of 2017" from Jungang Daily in Korea. In the video SC Kwon introduced ESSENCORE as memory solution company providing cost-competitive products, processed and tested in multiple ways for B2B and general consumers. ESSENCORE has its own global brand KLEVV, and through the brand, we can meet the diverse memory needs of consumers.

Here are 4 strength of ESSENCORE and KLEVV introduced in the video.

1st, KLEVV stores private data such as unstable personal information to be stored in the cloud and secures product reliability by using state-of-the-art testing equipment and devices to securely store work documents.

2nd, even in one small memory product, KLEVV is making it very important for consumers to feel emotional value in their lives. For example, KLEVV's first DDR4 memory CRAS won the Red Dot award, the world's top design award.

3rd, KLEVV's DRAM module products are fully compatible with major motherboard vendors. Particularly in gaming OC module, it receives the official Intel XMP 2.0 and AMD RYZEN certification to meet the high standard of gamers worldwide.

4th, ESSENCORE provides consistent and sustainable quality products to its customers through efficient supply chain management.

Videos are distributed on Youtube, Facebook pages.

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