KLEVV Launches DDR5 Memory for Home and Gaming PCs With Intel Alder Lake Compatibility

Update 13th November, 2021

First introduced by Essencore, KLEVV is an up-and-coming brand creating memory solutions for next-gen systems. A few days ago, KLEVV revealed their DDR5 offerings for the Intel Alder Lake platforms. With an assurance of QVL testing with some of the top-of-the-line Z690 motherboard brands, KLEVV& #039s new DDR5 will compete with brands such as PNY, Western Digital, and others.


KLEVV reveals DDR5 desktop and laptop memory options with a wide variety of compatibility with leading motherboard manufacturers 

KLEVV& #039s DDR5 U-DIMM desktop memory utilizes SK Hynix chipsets and will begin to launch with a memory capacity of 16 GB and JEDEC frequencies up to 4800MHz CL40-40-40 and efficiently powered by 1.1V. Leading partners of KLEVV are ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI, meaning the company will have a wide variety of compatibility with a large amount of Z690 motherboards currently on the market and in the near future. KLEVV is in the manufacturing process of 32GB SO-DIMM memory capacity modules for laptops and will release their laptop memory in the coming months.

Next year, KLEVV will release their DDR5 focused on gaming and overclocking using an extremely unique design based on the CRAS XR RGB, along with a sleek white tone of color to the RGB lighting effects. This new addition is perfect for those enthusiasts that are not only looking for super-fast speeds but also a color that stands out in their personal PC builds. KLEVV DDR5 overclocking/gaming memory options will showcase speeds of as high as 6400MHz. Currently, there are no further specifications, but further information will be available at launch.

DDR5 is the latest memory standard soon to be adopted by the PC ecosystem. Its key upgrades are larger capacities and considerably faster speeds compared to previous generation DDR technologies. The new standard incorporates Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and On-Die Error Correcting Code (ODECC) technology on the DIMM for the first time, allowing KLEVV to tailor its memory designs for improved power efficiency, stability, and better overclocking effectiveness.


KLEVV will begin full-scale production on their standard DDR5 memory line during this last quarter of 2021 and will launch the DDR5 for gamers and overclocking enthusiasts in early 2022. They will be available on Amazon& #039s US website.